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Document Verification in Vinesign

On-Demand Document Verification

When submitting digitally signed documents to a third-party, they may want to confirm things like:

  • - Validity of applied signatures
  • - Document is unaltered
  • - No newer version exists

Vinesign’s Document Verification solution enables anyone to confirm those details, at any time, completely on-demand.

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Unique Approach & Benefits

Because Vinesign uses a private blockchain to record all digital signature activity on our platform, document version history is part of our verification benefits.

Bolster the validity of your Vinesigned documents by enabling verification of the latest, most up-to-date version.

Signature collection in Vinesign

Legally Binding eSignature Collection

Vinesign automatically collects important metadata during the signing process, which enables validation of applied signatures.

Plus, senders and signers receive a certificate of validation whenever all signatures on a document are completed.

From signing to verifying, Vinesign ensures you collect a usable signature, every time.

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