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Sign with a Selfie

Sometimes clients take forever to sign important documents. Text the form right into their hands with Vinesign.

Vinesign gets signatures faster than any other method.

When you text clients the forms, it's literally putting the documents into their hands.

How many times have you seen an important document disappear into an email inbox, or had to wait for mail service, or had to make a personal trip to get a document signed right away? With Vinesign, you send the document via text message. The client signs right on the phone screen, then verifies their identity with a "selfie." The whole process takes seconds and is completely secure.

Unlike other methods, Vinesign uses the urgency of text messaging to get documents signed fast. 40% of emails go unopened, but over 98% of text messages are opened. Ensure your documents get signed quickly, securely, and easily by using Filevine's patent pending Vinesign feature.

Step 1 - Review Document

Step 2 - Sign The Document

Step 3 - Confirm